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  • Frequent Opportunities **NEW**
    These are lanes in which we frequently have loads available.  You can review these lanes and sign up to receive an email as soon as a load becomes available in one of them.
  • View My Frequent Opportunities **NEW**
    This screen allows you manage the lanes you have requested to notified on when a load becomes available.  If you no longer wish to receive an email notification for the lane, click here to remove it.
  • View My Loads
    See all the loads you currently have.
  • Submit Available Equipment
    While logged in all general information related to you will be automatically filled in for you when you go to the form. Just add the details specific to your equipment and we'll find you a load.
  • Update your profile
    Decide that you want to receive emails as well as faxes? Did your phone number change? You can update all of your information here.
  • View Available Loads
    See all the loads Ultra currently has available. Search the list for loads in your area.
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